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In temperate countries, the most severely affected crops are aubergine, cucumber, beans sweet peppers, tomatoes and a large number of ornamentals. Noms communs englishlanglais cotton whitefly sweet potato whitefly tobacco whitefly porticgueselpo. Combine multiple words with or to find articles containing either term. The following experiment was conducted in the municipality of cocula, in the state of guerrero. Selektivitas beberapa insektisida terhadap hama kutu kebul bemisia tabaci genn. World distribution of bemisia tabaci bemita eppo global database. If you need help or a copy of the original photo please contact. Pdf the whitefly bemisia tabaci is one of the most important pests of the tomato lycopersicon esculentnm in the world. Aleyrodidae pada tanaman cabai dan gulma babadotan pada suhu 25 c dan 29 c. Insecticidal control and resistance management for bemisia.

Effects of the hexanic extract of neem azadirachta indica against. Historically, bemisia tabaci has been difficult to control with conventional insecticides in agronomic and horticultural production systems. Insecticidal and repellent effect of extracts of pluchea sericea nutt. Bemisia tabaci trialeurodes vaporarorium muestreo resultados figura 1. Insecticidas, eficacia, mosquita blanca, solanum lycopersicum. Many species of plants grown under glass are liable to attack by t.

Aleyrodidae in tomato in the tropics dry of guerrero abstract. Pdf culturable bacteria associated with the whitefly, bemisia. Much of what is known about whitefly biology comes from research on pest species, such as sweetpotato whitefly, bemisia tabaci gennadius, greenhouse whitefly, trialeurodes vaporariorum westwood, and silverleaf whitefly, bemisia argentifolii bellows and perring also referred to as the b strain or biotype b of b. Bemisia can cause economic damage to plants in several ways. Hostsspecies affected top of page the total world record of greenhouse whitefly host plants is approximately 859 species, belonging to 469 genera in 121 families. Bemisia tabaci, a polyphagous insect with over 900 host plants, is an effective vector of more than 100 plant viruses. In this paper, research on the use of chemicals to suppress whitefly populations and thus to reduce the incidence of viral diseases. Bemisia tabaci may be native to india but the evidence is inconclusive, and it is now cosmopolitan. Any effects on biodiversity would result indirectly from an increased use of insecticides against this pest. The darker the color the closer they are to hatching. The aim of this study was to analyze the effect of three natural repellents made from extracts of thyme, chilegarlic and cinnamonclove for decreasing whitefly infestation on melon crops in costa rica and be included in. The bemisia tabaci complex is polyphagous and now attacks many crops, but without significant impact on land use.

Neraca kehidupan kutukebul bemisia tabaci gennadius. Chemical class rotations for control of bemisia tabaci. In the past 10 years, new insecticide chemistries have been introduced that provide a diversity of novel modes of action and routes of activity to effectively control whiteflies. Pdf several different types of bacteria were cultured from surfacesterilized. Insecticidal and repellent effect of extracts of pluchea. By using neighborjoining, the dendrogram generated from the. Synonymes none in current useiaucun en utilisation courante common names. Host plants bemisia tabaci feeds on an extremely wide. Sweetpotato whitefly b biotype, bemisia tabaci gennadius insecta. Bemisia tabaci vektor virus kuning pada tanaman cabai, abstract pdf. Photos of bemisia tabaci uf ifas midflorida research. Bemisia tabaci in melon crops, puntarenas, costa rica. The silverleaf whitefly bemisia tabaci, also informally referred to as the sweet potato whitefly is one of several species of whitefly that are currently important agricultural pests.

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