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The usmc m27 iar first came on the scene in late 2010 when it was issued to five deploying units that would see if the new automatic rifle was to be as viable as claimed. M27 infantry automatic rifle breaking defense defense. The m27 is likely to be just one piece of a plethora of. Download hires photo download share photo details details. Marine corps requests 50,000 more m27 infantry automatic. Weve been pushed on the m27, which the marine corps has adopted. The marine corps wants to buy 11,000 m27 infantry automatic rifles.

The marine corps is windowshopping for a new rifle with some very specific features. Us marines m27 infantry automatic rifles live fire. It is used by the united states marine corps and is intended to. It has a heavier, longer barrel than the m4 and is capable of fully automatic fire from standard 30round magazines. Blt 32, 26th marine expeditionary unit meu, conduct livefire drills with m27 infantry automatic rifles, during exercise eager lion. The m27 offers longer range and better accuracy than the m4 currently used by marine rifleman, though not everyone will get the new rifle. Marines fire m27 infantry automatic rifles during a squadsized, livefire range at camp lejeune, n. Operating the browning automatic rifle the bar 1943 on youtube youtube. The m27 infantry automatic rifle iar is a lightweight, magazinefed 5. The marine corps systems command is purchasing m27 infantry automatic rifles based on marines feedback. Marines began fielding 4,000 m27 iars in 2010 to replace the m249 squad automatic weapons, but that later shifted to also replace the m4.

Marine corps warrant officers fire m27 infantry automatic rifles during a squad weapons and munitions field fire exercise during the. M4 the m27 that the marine corps currently uses for the iar, is hands down, the best automatic rifle in the world, said retired army maj. Marine corps initially planned to purchase 6,500 m27s to replace a portion of the m249. The m27 iar has been adopted to replace the m249 saw. It wasnt an amphibious vehicle, more jltvs, a new rifle or friggin lasers. Marines want 11,000 infantry automatic rifles to replace. Army, in practice, used the bar as a light machine gun, often fired from a bipod introduced. Theres no better feeling than firing my m27 infantry automatic rifle on. The m27 iar is a heckler and koch 416 assault rifle that, although outwardly similar to the m4 carbine, uses a piston operating system instead of the m4 carbines gas impingement system to.

Why marines absolutely love the m27 infantry automatic rifle. The browning automatic rifle bar is a family of american automatic rifles and machine guns. M27 infantry automatic rifle livefire marine corps. The m27 iar replaces the heavier, m249 saw squad automatic weapon which has been used by the marines in infantry squads since the mid1980s. The usmc m27 iar first came on the scene in late 2010 when it was issued to five deploying units that would see if the new automatic rifle was. The first variant, murray said, will be an automatic rifle to replace the squad automatic weapon, which is chambered in 5. The marines just took a big step toward broader adoption of the beloved m27 infantry automatic rifle. This moves the squad automatic weapon away from a belt feed system to a magazine feed system, not unlike the russians did with their. The main difference between the m27 and m249 squad automatic. The m27 outperforms the m4 with superior volume of fire and longer effective range. For the warrior wednesday video on burk, visit our youtube page. The marine corps is rolling out a new rifle and a whole.

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