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Acknowledgements issued also in french under title. Loadbearing wall systems of any construction type can and should be considered as part of building framing discussions. Wood frame construction is the predominant method of building homes and apartments in the united states, enabling this nation to have the worlds best housed population. Design documentation of woodframe project index buildings. Few, if any, materials can compete with wood framing in the construction of houses. It is another method of wood frame construction which although is a bit less popular compared to platform frame construction, but is utilized when the conditions ask for it. Best performance of wood frame buildings is obtained when the moisture content of framing lumber at the time the build ing is enclosed with sheathing and. Typically wood framed construction in this part of the world. Twofamily dwellings wfcm provides engineered and prescriptive design requirements for wood frame.

Drawing by americad analyze load paths to ensure they go down to a foundation. However, to provide this efficient wood house, good construction details are important as well as the selection of mate rials for each specific use. Increasingly, wood framing is also being used in commercial and industrial buildings. Framing is the process of connecting building materials together to create a structure.

While the term framing typically refers to either wood or lightgauge steel framing, walls constructed. The principal method of design for woodframed construction has historically. Unlike finish carpentry, framing doesnt have to look perfect or satisfy your desire to fit together two pieces of wood precisely. Whether youre building a house, an addition, or a simple wall, the goals when framing are strength, efficiency, and accuracy. The 2018 wood frame construction manual wfcm for one and twofamily dwellings was developed by the american wood councils awc wood design standards committee and has been approved by ansi as an american national standard. Building framing systems and best practices building. Studs, plates, headers, rafters, girders, flooring and joists are all terms used to identify different components in framing. The 2018 wfcm is referenced in the 2018 international building code and 2018 international residential code. Three essentials to be considered in building a satis factory house are. Prevalence of woodframe construction in the united. Wood frame construction manual for one and twofamily dwellings, american. In this method, exterior wall studs and firstfloor joists are supported by anchored sill. Craftsman book company, 6058 corte del cedro, carlsbad, ca 92011.

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