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Tom decided to launch his solo career after graduating summa cum laude with a bachelor of music performance degree. It gives promoters, radio djs, venue bookers, music writers and podcasters all they need to know. I recently attended a major trade show and checked out the press room. Dj and musician press kit resume template graphicriver. Epresskit, epk with rss, epk with password, epk with password protected. Her voice is mellow, tonal, and spot on the notes and she allows the songs to speak for themselves without distracting visual or. How to make an epk that blows the press away musician on a. Whether youre drumming up business for your band or trying to win new clients for your company, adobe spark page lets you create an electronic press kit that will set you or your organization apart from the competition. You can also add any upcoming tour dates and upload set lists and riders for the press to view.

The first element to include in your epk is your bio. A package of promotional material provided to members of the press to brief them, especially about a product, service, or candidate. Simply customize the text and upload your multimedia and youre readytogo. How to make a free electronic press kit for musicians, epic step.

The ultimate guide to creating an epk with free template. The bio is written about you or your band as an advertisement for what you do. If you re unfamiliar, sonicbids assists artists in booking through their. Creating a successful marketing plan for the artist. Electronic press kit for musicians, bands, artists, entertainers, songwriters.

Consider your press release to be a onepage pitch of everything in your press kit. A press kit or electronic press kit epk is a portfolio of yourself as an artist with all of the essential. They can also be part of a full press kit, or may be accompanied by a pitch letter. A press kit, also known as a brand kit or media kit, is an information packet that includes documents and media assets that a company or business shares with the public to develop a brand, grow their audience, promote a specific product, or create buzz within an industry. The same package goes to record companies, agents, attorneys and the media. If you choose to create an electronic press kit, please keep all information including brochures and data sheets in a word document format versus a hard copy pdf. See more ideas about press kit, media kit and folder design. If youre using a pdf, youre going to have to redesign your epk for every new. An electronic press kit has been a regularly used tactic by many indie hiphop artists across the world, giving them all the help that they need in establishing themselves moving forward. Executive summary although at the beginning of your actual business plan, the executive summary is always written last.

Sample, stanley clarke, george howard and many others. Save your press kit in pdf andor word form, so that it can be edited later. Promote your band with this one page, professional and organized electronic press kit epk template. A press kit is a way for you to sell your music by providing information and samples in a succinct packet. A press kit includes background information, photos, samples of music, a listing of past and future gigs youve scheduled, and any other pertinent information.

How to make an artist press kit examples artpromotivate. Although the form and function of a press kit can vary greatly by industry, the accepted definition of one is. It is normally 10% in size of your business plan or one page it should, at the very least, introduce the band, describe the project briefly, make the request, overview the goals, and provide a synopsis of the marketing plan. The band performed many of toms original compositions, which helped to finetune his writing style. An epk, or electronic press kit, is a great tool to help artists promote their music. How to put together a press kit a press kit is a package of information about the company and its products put together by an exhibitor for distribution to the news media.

Attach a press kit or epk as an appendix if its not already required with the. Bookers and festivals have different needs and word limits for bios, so its a good idea to include different versions. Use the closing to include the contact information of the person who will be fielding requests for more information about the news. The ultimate guide to creating an epk the meaning of an epk template. You also might have promotional photos of the artist who is the subject of the news release, and the closing should make it clear that the photos are included with the news release. You may have heard the term press kit and may have even received a press kit for something. Emotional unrest and physical or mental fatigue have a direct effect on the voice. While creating an epk is timeconsuming, its an essential resource that defines who you are as an artist to important decisionmakers. There are 8 things that should be in every musicians digital press kit. Pro subscribers enjoy 20 pages including slideshow intro, 48 downloads, unlimited video players, password protected downloads, new release page, tab renaming, and store. A wellstructured press kit template is essential if you want to succeed in your approaches to get press for your company, or if you want to include it with any press release. A precedent study on todays press kits for musicians. How to create an electronic press kit for independent hip. These days artists have streamlined the process and made a website for.

So it better look good and contain everything you need others to knowwithout giving them a weeks worth of reading materials. An electronic press kit or epk is a digital solution for showcasing the services or products of a business or individual. The 8 things that should be in every bands electronic. How to create an electronic press kit for musicians. This is a minimal, webbased html and nonpdf version of their media kit at buzzfeed. Electronic press kits should be part of an artists marketing and branding program. Remember clubs and record labels receive a high volume of press kits each year which is why many talent buyers prefer electronic press kits. There are many different things that can be added in and certain techniques that can be used, that will make your press kit shine much brighter than the rest of the pile. For ease of distribution, a digital press kit that can be sent via email and accessed from the internet is preferable to a hard copy press kit.

You can damage your vocal folds in trying to sound normal under such conditions. Affordable epks, rebrandable epks, epks for agents, managers, publicists. The exported pdf will be the final press kit that will be uploaded to your website, and sent to festivals. Media kit template food blogger food blog press kit template resume resume template creative market is the worlds marketplace for design. Your epk is the gateway to getting booked at new venues. A press kit also known as a media kit is a package of promotional material provided to members of the press. Sometimes, a press kit is even used in the film, music, and entertainment industry in an effort to pitch film ideas, attract cast and crew or film festival directors, or in the case of music, to promote singles, albums, and. Buzzfeed has included only their key stats at their advertise page and a case study. Some artists have epks hosted on their record labels website. Consider adding your press kit to a page at your artist website.

If you are sending your press kit then a pdf file may be the best option. A press kit, also known as a media kit, is a page on your website that contains resources and information for reporters and publishers. Short for electronic press kits, epks provide a sizzle for your film, showcasing you to distributors, producers, or potential investors on crowdfunding pages. Once you have the press kit laid out how you want it, the next step it to turn it into a pdf. Get the press to take notice with a beautifullydesigned media kit editors and reporters get numerous press releases and media kits on a daily basis. Their website is super viral and a little details is enough for advertisers to know about it. How to create an electronic press kit epk open mic uk. With wix music, you can easily upload your latest tunes for the media to listen to and download.

Check out these ecommerce press kit examples and learn how to create a press kit that will actually get publicity for your business, even in the ecommerce space. Make sure that you get their attention and interest with a media kit thats not only useful and informative, but also perfectly designed. Easy to customize, simply upload your own tracks, video and biography. How to make a press kit plus a free press kit template. Press kit components should be housed within a table of contents and. Electronic press kits, examples of a press kits bands. Free epks for bands, musicians, artists, entertainers. View an example of a press kit we created for the horror punk band grave robber in the.

A good example of this can be found on a lot of major label sites, or large. If youre wondering exactly what you should you put in it, here are a few items that are very beneficial to any press kit for bands and musicians. A press kit says a lot about an artist and if you send your press kit in a plain folder with basic xeroxed information you may miss the opportunity to even have your music heard. Epk hosting sites that dont cater to bands and commercial artists. Common mistakes to avoid when building an epk tunecore. Bios are used as a component of the electronic promo kit epk on a website and on social media. It should be targetspecific and include all of the relevant information that both readers and book buyers need. Cd or dvd if your band has a cd or dvd, you should be sure to include it in the press kit. In addition you will be including your music samples on cd. In the music business, the folder that contains your photo, bio, press clippings and demo tapecd, is called your press kit or press package. There are many programs you can use to create a press kit, and you can choose the one youre comfortable with, as long as it can export a pdf. Many artists on the web have made their press kits available for view.

They are often sent alone, by email, fax or snail mail. Theres so much content to put on an epk page that it can be hard to create something that is both well. Creating a press kit texas music office office of the. Press kits also called media kits were available from some of the exhibitors in the press area, but the vast majority of. How artists can make an effective press kit artsy shark. Whether youre a solo jazz musician, the singer in a rock band, or part of a folk duo, one of the most important pages on your music website is your electronic press kit page. Epks in the past have been a pdf and a bunch of email attachments.

There are right ways of making a press kit, and of course there are also wrong ways but with every artist out there making one, you need more than just a proper press kit. How to create an electronic press kit for musicians back whether youre an original act emailing promoters to book shows, or a function band wanting to get onto the books of a new entertainment agent, the advice is clear if you want to get more gigs, get a good epk. A clean and minimal electronic press kit template with all the information you could need. Tom braxton biography contd during his college years, braxton formed the jazzfusion band no compromise which toured the southwest and opened concerts for joe sample, stanley clarke, george howard and many others. Jazz vocalist and dcnative akua allrich has proven herself to be a musician of extraordinary talent and crowdmoving passion. Download this free press kit presentation template in pdf format.

A press kit is basically a pdf, so any kind of document creating software should work. Since you arent a household name yet, you will need to grab your future fans attention and tell them clearly and quickly why they should know about you and listen. Dont miss this perfect opportunity to get attention from the press. How to make an epk for musicians templates for electronic press. Electronic press kit service myppk power press kits celebrates 5th anniversary giving free custom themes electronic press kit service, myppk power press kits. Download free press kit templates in microsoft powerpoint and pdf formats, and find examples of business use cases. There are several models for creating marketing plans and this is only. Examples of epks electronic press kits for music artists. A press kit is a presentation of your companys products and services in a hard copy or electronic format.

A press kit is just what it sounds like, as it is a group of documents presenting the artists background, education, experience, past exhibitions, publishing achievements, competition awards along the artists current and future shows, etc. A rap press kit consists of a biography, a highresolution photo and mp3 or video files of your music. Examples of epks example from example from example from example from. When youre launching and marketing your book it can be essential to get attention from the media. You can also include a page of press clippings if you have them.

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